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Our consultants improve client’s position or profile by helping build businesses, solve problems, manage change and improve efficiency.

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Our purpose is to offer value though products and/or services to enrich our clients. We take pride in helping client realize their daily potential. We believe a key component is to make sure their businesses are built out correctly, and the correct steps are followed in doing so.

They will become the sole drivers of their individual lives or businesses, using their accomplishments from prior task to achieve tomorrow’s success.

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We provide innovative consulting services aimed to make an enduring impact on your business.





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P. Richardson

CEO, Full Circle Capital Group LLC

I’m a consultant who is passionate about her work. I’m a very cheerful person, loving wife, mother, and grandmother. I’m a very hard worker who’s gone through hundreds of trials & failures, but with it I’ve gained a testimony I’m proud of. I’ve learned to use my previous experiences as a source of confidence, knowing that I won’t make those same mistakes, or be affected the same way by them.

I’ve learned if you find something you love to do, then doing it doesn’t feel like you’re working. Instead you’re motivated, more passionate, and more likely to succeed at doing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business should I start?

My first question is always…What are you passionate about? You want to do something that’s dealing with your passion and has a demand for it.

Do I need a business plan?

You will need one eventually. They will help you develop ideas, identify potential issues, and strategies your plan before putting it into motion.

How do I pick a good business name?

Find something simple yet unique. Don’t overthink it. Once you’ve found it search the internet for your business name to make sure no one else is using that name. You can also do a trademark search at, and look up the .com domain name, as you’ll want to register your name once you’ve selected one (but make sure your following the proper steps).

Do I need to register my business or can I just use a DBA?

Are you operating as a sole proprietor? If not, you’ll want to get a LLC. With a LLC you will have personal liability protection as opposed to only having a DBA.

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